Welcome to your nightmare! Well, Noah's at least!

Thanks for choosing playing this puzzle / psicologic 2D prototype game made with Unity and Aseprite for the Scream Jam 2019.

This game only works on Microsoft's Edge.  But if you are having difficulties with chrome you can try this: https://ccm.net/faq/40585-how-to-enable-webgl-on-google-chrome


Move - Left / Right arrows

Interact  - Up Arrow

Enter or exit room - Arrow up or down

Go downstairs or upstairs - Direction + Up or down  arrow


Don't let your nightmare's catch you!

Programming and Game design - Tom MrSaxCat

Art and Animation - Maneo_01


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Well, that was silly. Also, wow, WebGL is a mess and I hate it.

yep! Thanks for playing the game! :D

interesting game. i cant get back downstairs when i go upstairs. weird bug maybe?

Thanks for your comment! 

Yup, I messed up a little with the triggers around the stairs -_-‘

Try reaching the stairs pressing upArrow+directionArrow

Incoming bug fixes soon :D Thanks for playing!

Really neat, I like how the game loops around at the end.

Cool! Thank you very much :D

Thanks essarrge! :D

nice game


Thank you! :)